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Weight is not decreasing even after lakhs of attempts after delivery, these 5 reasons can be responsible

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body has not healed

Many women gain weight during pregnancy and there is less time left to exercise after delivery, even you are not able to sleep properly and your body is healing from pregnancy and delivery.

Many mothers feel that they do not have the time and support to take care of themselves and then they are unable to take care of their diet even in the midst of taking care of the baby. In this case, weight loss becomes difficult.

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eating less or less

You must be thinking that to lose weight you should eat less calories but it is not so. Now your metabolism is not the same as before pregnancy and has become weak due to weight gain.

Eating less does not mean that you will automatically lose weight. If you do not eat properly then your body will start storing fat. Eat a balanced diet and take a balanced diet instead of fried and packaged things.

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water shortage

Dehydration is a major problem in weight loss and many women do not drink enough water. You should drink plenty of water and beverages not only after delivery but also normally. By staying hydrated, you can avoid overeating.

This will help your body to function properly such as metabolism will be fine, energy will be maintained and the mood will also not get bad. At the same time, drinking enough water helps in reducing fat and does not store fat in the body.

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is tired and stressed

After delivery, there is fatigue in the body for a few days and then it does not take the name of fatigue after taking care of the baby. Due to child care and household chores, women remain under stress and are unable to get enough sleep. Due to these two reasons, women find it difficult to lose weight.

Lack of sleep produces a hormone called cortisol, which has a negative effect on metabolism. Women who get less than five hours of sleep every night have a 32 percent higher risk of weight gain.

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