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The stench that comes from the small child’s urine, instead of ignorant, do this work, can be a sign of a big disease

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Due to the smell of baby’s urine

A child’s urine may stink due to several reasons, such as:

UTI occurs when bacteria in the urinary tract arise. Because of this, urine can smell. This problem is more for girls. It also shows symptoms like fever, vomiting and irritability.

If the breast-feeding mother eats something that is likely to cause a bad odor, it can also cause the baby’s urine to stink. Eating asparagus, onion and garlic, etc. can cause a bad odor from the baby’s urine.

When the baby breast milk drinks less and is hungry and there is dehydration in his body, his urine can still smell.

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Why does urine smell like ammonia

Sometimes the urine of a newborn baby can cause a strong ammonia-like odor. You do not need to worry about it. This can happen in the morning or when the baby is dehydrated. In this situation, the kidneys have to work harder than before, due to which the urine can smell like ammonia.

Potty smell from the baby’s urine can be a sign of UTI. Sometimes the bacteria of the anus can enter the urinary tract, causing infection.

Some people complain that their baby urine smells of vinegar. This may be due to dehydration and UTI. Urination can cause such a smell even if there is a cold.

Some other symptoms are also observed when the urine smells, such as urinary tract infection, unhealthy diet, water deficiency and bacterial infection.

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When to see a doctor

If the problem of the baby’s urine does not go away or the situation has become worse, then you should show the pediatrician.

If there is bleeding, vomiting or fever in the child’s stool, then you should see your doctor without any delay.

It is important to tell the doctor when your baby’s urine smells very strong. You can also overcome this problem with the help of some home remedies with the advice of a doctor.

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