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Shehnaz’s first interview after the death of Siddharth Shukla – said this on love and emotional attachment

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After the loss of Siddharth Shukla, no one knows better than how Shehnaaz Gill is trying to stand up again by encouraging herself. Shehnaaz had never imagined that she would have to see such days when Siddharth would not be with her. Siddharth Shukla died on 2 September due to heart attack. Since then, Shahnaz broke down badly and distanced herself from it. But recently she returned due to work commitment and got busy promoting her film ‘Hosla Rakh’.

Shahnaz Gill gave an interview for the first time after Siddharth’s death, in which he was accompanied by his co-stars Diljit Dosanjh and Sonam Bajwa. Shehnaaz was usually not as bubbly and joking as she was. A video clip of his interview is going viral on social media, in which his eyes are wet along with disappointment.

Shehnaz said – I will tell myself to keep courage
When Shahnaz is asked that she would like to say something about this film? So in response to this, Shahnaz says, ‘I myself will say that keep courage. (I will tell myself that keep courage)… seeing this, Diljit also pats his back and gives courage.

Many more clips from this interview of Shahnaz have surfaced on social media, seeing which ‘Sidnaz’ fans are getting emotional and asking Shahnaz to remain strong. Sidnaz fans are telling their inspiration to Shahnaz.

Said this thing on emotional attachment and love
On the other hand, Shahnaz spoke on his emotional attachment for the first time after Siddharth’s departure in another recent interview. In a conversation with ‘Bollywood Bubble’, Shahnaz was asked how much percent of the mother’s character she plays in ‘Hausla Rakh’ is in her in real life? In response, Shahnaz says that she is 40 percent of that character.

‘According to the one who loves someone…’
When asked how did he get this percentage, what Shehnaaz said in response would make anyone emotional. Regarding his emotional attachment, Shahnaz said, ‘When we love someone, then the attachment we have with him, then according to that attachment I took out this ratio.’

Shahnaz Gill was seen laughing again, the trailer of ‘Hausla Rakh’ released

Shehnaz further said, ‘What is love, it means that the love of a mother is neither known to the mother. And I can feel Maa Wala because my mother loves me so much.

Hausla Rakh is a comedy film which will release on 15 October. The story of the film is based in Canada and it will release in Punjabi. In this film, Shinda Grewal will be seen in the role of Shahnaz’s son.

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