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Sago pudding will be very tasty, if you know this method of cooking

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How to make: Sago pudding will be very tasty, if you know the way to make it

Step 1:

Take the sago in a bowl and wash it thoroughly with water, so that all the starch present in the sago drains well with water. Now take it out of the water, put clean water back and let it soak for at least 1 hour.

How to make sago pudding

Step 2:

Take some water in a pan and pour milk over it. Now allow milk and water to cook well until it becomes thick.


Step 3:

Take out the soaked sago from the water and pour it into the milk and stir continuously. Cook this mixture well for 5 minutes. Take out some grains of sago with a spoon and touch to see if they are cooked and soft. While cooking the mixture, keep in mind that it is not too thick.


Step 4:

After running the spoon well for 2 to 3 minutes, add sugar to it and mix well. Add elaichi powder and saffron over it, mix well.


Step 5:

Taking care that the kheer is not too thick, after cooking, remove the kheer from the gas as soon as possible. Your delicious sago kheer is ready, serve it hot or cold as you wish. It can be garnished with finely chopped pieces of badam before serving. Now you know that sago pudding can be made easily at home. It is very easy to make sago kheer with the most commonly used rice pudding in India and it also tastes great. In addition, protein and carbohydrate are found in plenty in sago. Which keeps you full of energy during fasting and fasting. So to make any of your fast special and to stay fresh all day, use sago pudding made by yourself and enjoy it with your family too.


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