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R Madhavan speaking in Hindi lyrics, ‘Whoever fights Bollywood’

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Acting R. Madhavan took part in the conversation. Madhavan’s film ‘Roorketri: The Nambi’ had its world premiere in Kanna Vayuyan 2022. The responsibility of this phone lies with R Madhavan. She herself has acted. Day by day R. Madhavan explained that this makes sense to the battery very well.

Discuss the schedule of the verification program
R Madhavan also completed the KGF lynching program of the accompanying Parivartan. If the battery has qualities of high quality, then the battery is endowed with qualities or if it is full of virtues, if Mars is in a position to be endowed with qualities, then it will be characterized by virtues. , ‘There is no arrangement to take care. Like the air like diseases like peet, rrr, kgfeater 2, bahubali tavern people, gangbai kath ki files, gangbai’s scene and lies. Vayta is not that that ki fil fil t fil phil chal hai hai, it is that every single makers or TV-like movies are like this. These are weird to work with. This is very bad.
R Madhavan on PM Narendra Modi at Cannes 2022: This is New India- R. Madhavan bridges the title of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Cannes, video
‘All of the tubing’
According to Madhavan, ‘Madhavan’, ‘Bricket: The Nambi’ is well prepared for laundry. All dialogues are recorded in the original language. Updated after update. , That’s why we make the film thoroughly better.
R Madhavan’s income is represented by 4? Rocketry: The Nambi Effect
The problem of Nambi Narayan’s spoilage
The film is rightly called, ‘The most important thing for this film, battery wise, is the weight rate. To look like Nabi Narayan was prepared to fix it. In that case it is very effective. After sitting with the changing times, ‘ he was about to sit with the sir after sitting. Yet when it was decided, it is certain how they will develop. One said, Sir. deemed unclear. He says, ‘Oh I really am, he was like that too.’ In the famous film, Madhavan appears as Nambi Narayan.

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