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Q&A: Why is it not right to take steroids in early corona, expert told

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Many problems are being seen after the patients recover from steroid use. On the other hand, cases of black fungus are coming out in patients who have been cured of Kovid. Can we get behind all this and how to stop it? Many such questions have been answered by Dr. Rajesh Malhotra, Chief of Trauma Center at Expert AIIMS, Delhi. Read …

If someone is very ill with Kovid, someone is recovering without treatment, what is the reason?

The big factor is how the immune system responds to the disease. Age, sex, blood group and other diseases all these factors also determine the severity of the disease. People with diseases that affect immunity, such as cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, are becoming more dominant. It is also important that if someone has been infected with a similar virus before, then immunity is left in it. Some people who had no disease at all, the reason for their condition worsening may be that there has been a deficiency in their immune system before. The reason for different variants will be called when everyone has the same pattern of falling ill in a particular area.

The steroid saved everyone in the first wave, but now there are concerns about it. When to use

Steroids are still being used. It has to be understood that they save lives but also give side effects. Steroids are also formed in the body. Whenever there is a crisis, they increase in the blood and help in fighting because we need more energy at that time. In such a situation, they give the body the necessary strength to fight, but in return it can reduce the immune response, which is dangerous. This is the reason why they should not be taken in the first 5-7 days after infection, because at this time the body is fighting the virus, steroids can weaken the immune system. In the second phase of infection, when the body has started swelling, steroids can be given to reduce the increased immune response.

Black fungus is seen in kovid infected or recovered people. What to do if it does not happen?

This is not a new disease. Whenever someone’s immunity is weak, it attacks. Its cases have increased all over the world and since there are more people with diabetes in India, it is a matter of concern. For this, it is important to keep your blood sugar under full control whether you are taking steroids or not. Start identification and treatment in a timely manner. Improper use of steroids and wrong doses will also be avoided. Whichever symptoms of black fungus are seen, it is important to isolate them immediately.

Why Doctors Have Different Opinions On The Use Of Ivermectin?

Not only this, Plasma, Remediation has been disputed all over and there has been a reason for everything. At this time it is difficult to describe any treatment or therapy as true or false. Some medicines remain true in experiments but not on the patient. Ivermectin has been used for a long time and has been used in children. It is inexpensive, is present everywhere and does not have serious side effects so using it in the initial phase of corona can prevent the growth of the virus. However, in the absence of scientific data, I am not in favor of its use on large populations.

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