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People said against the girl who beat up the cab driver in Lucknow..think! What would she have said if the video had not been made?

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  • Anger on social media against girl who beat up cab driver in Lucknow
  • People protested against keeping the cab driver in the police station overnight, expressed displeasure on Twitter
  • People said that if these videos were not viral, then the action of the police would have been different.

Now an FIR has been lodged against the girl who beat up the cab driver in Lucknow. After the FIR in Krishnanagar police station, people on social media are now demanding to arrest the accused girl. In all this, from Delhi Women’s Commission chairperson Swati Maliwal to all the big faces have also joined. At the same time, a user has also said on social media that imagine what the girl would have accused if the video of this incident had not been made.

On Twitter, a user named Archana Dalmiya wrote… ‘Can a woman abuse, threaten and beat? Had this video not been recorded, she could have said that this boy was sexually abusing her and she was protecting herself. Is UP Police accepting this New India while sleeping? It is necessary that this girl from Lucknow should be arrested.

Demand for arrest of girl
At the same time, all the users are questioning the action of the UP Police, under which the cab driver was challaned under sections 151 and 107/16 of CrPC and kept in the police station overnight. A user asked on twitter…he didn’t run, he didn’t hit him, he didn’t abuse or abuse him, he didn’t make any scene and didn’t take law in his hand, but an FIR was lodged against him. Arrest the girl from Lucknow and let the boys live.

People said on Twitter – in the end the boy went to jail
Another user wrote, ‘The girl hit the boy 22 times but he did not retaliate and did not run away … but in the end the boy went to jail. Wow UP Police.

People are asking why did the cab driver stay in the police station after being beaten up?
There are many protests on social media regarding this incident. People have raised questions on the UP Police and asked why the girl who beat up the boy was let off and the boy had to stay in the police station. Many people have given advice to the UP Police, while many people are questioning the entire law and order situation. Amidst protests across the country, more than 2 lakh tweets on Twitter have demanded the arrest of the girl. However, among all, Lucknow’s DCP Khyati Garg says that the matter is still pending at the stage of investigation and action will be taken only after the investigation report is received.

Video of youth beating surfaced

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