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Parambir Singh News: Can Sunil Mane be a threat to Parambir Singh! Even if approved, you will be in jail till the trial

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  • Sunil Mane can increase the problems of Parambir Singh
  • Parambir Singh’s troubles are set to increase if he becomes a government witness
  • However, even after becoming a government witness, he will have to remain in jail for a long time.

NIA is investigating Antilia Gelatin case and Hiren Mansukh murder case. Many police officers have been arrested in this case. Among them is the name of Sunil Mane, former Inspector of Kandivali Crime Branch. Although the NIA has not named former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh as an accused yet, in the chargesheet filed last month, the statements of some witnesses have been put in the telegram message in the name of Jaish-ul-Hind, due to which Parambir Singh is also under suspicion. are in. Parambir Singh was also summoned after the statements of these witnesses, but he is out of the radar of the investigating agencies.

Some officials associated with the Mumbai Police told NBT that Sunil Mane could prove to be a tension booster for Parambir Singh in the coming days. According to an official, the NIA needs some approval along with evidence to strengthen its case. The NIA has also arrested Riyaz Qazi, a junior officer of Sachin Wajhe. If Riyaz Qazi turns out to be unappreciated, then he can prove to be useful for the NIA in the Antilia Gelatin Case, because he knows the entire conspiracy of Sachin Vajhe to keep a gelatin filled Scorpio car outside Antilia on February 25.

Main conspirator Sachin Vajhe
But no role of Riyaz Qazi has been revealed in Mansukh Hiren Murder. So who will make the NIA approver for this murder case? According to this official, it is possible that Sunil Mane should be prepared for this or Sunil Mane himself should be ready for it. However, Sunil Mane has a lot of role in Mansukh Hiren’s murder. Sunil Mane had called Mansukh in the name of Tawde. Sunil Mane had handed over Mansukh even to the murderers. But according to a Mumbai Police official, all these allegations are of the NIA.

Even though the NIA has filed a charge sheet in this case, but during the trial, this central probe agency will also have to prove the entire conspiracy in the court. The main conspirator for the NIA is Sachin Vajhe, not Sunil Mane. To prove any conspiracy, any investigative agency needs a man who has been involved in every meeting of the conspiracy. The NIA is aware that Sunil Mane participated in most such meetings.

According to an official, some of the meetings also took place on the first floor of the Mumbai Police Headquarters, which also houses the Mumbai Police Commissioner’s office. According to this officer, first the CCTV footage of the Male was also obtained by the Maharashtra ATS team and later it was given to the NIA. ATS had also investigated this case a few days before the NIA.

According to this officer, the NIA has so much evidence against Sunil Mane that it is almost impossible for him to escape the case. He can get out of this case only if he becomes the approver of NIA and tells the whole conspiracy in the court. Since the NIA has invoked UAPA in this case, most of the accused could face life imprisonment if the charges are proved. Sunil Mane will have to spend less in jail if he becomes an approver.

This is the process to become an approver
A Mumbai Police official told NBT that many people have a misconception that the approver is released on bail early. It’s not like this. Unless the evidence of the approver is recorded in the court, it is not released. Evidence is taken on record in court only when the trial begins. It easily takes two to three years for the trial of a case to start. There is no time limit on how long it takes for the trial to end. That is why even if Sunil Mane or Riyaz Qazi becomes the approver, he will still be in jail for a long time. At present, no approver has been made or made in the case of NIA.

Not the approver, witnesses can be enough
It is not necessary that the investigating agency should give its yes to the application of the petitioner to become the approver. If the NIA thinks from the evidence collected by it that this evidence is sufficient to get all the accused convinced, then it may also happen that it does not make anyone an approver. Many such witnesses can be useful during the trial, who have given statement before a magistrate under section 164 of CrPC. For example, in the Antilia case, Sachin Vajhe was driving a Scorpio. But behind that Scorpio was also an Inhova vehicle, which was being driven by a CIU constable. The NIA did not arrest the driver of the INHOVA vehicle. But took his statement before the magistrate. There are many more such witnesses whose statements under section 164 have been taken.

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