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Navjot Singh Sidhu news: Everything happened to the mind, then what agreement is Sidhu talking about, who resigned from the post of Punjab Congress Chief

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  • Navjot Singh Sidhu resigns from the post of Punjab Congress President
  • In his resignation letter, Sidhu wrote that he cannot compromise with the future of Punjab.
  • It was not even two weeks when Captain Amarinder was discharged from the post of CM on Sidhu’s insistence.
  • When everything was going according to Sidhu, then his sudden resignation is shocking.

New Delhi
Navjot Singh Sidhu has resigned from the post of Punjab Congress President. In his resignation letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi, he has said that he cannot compromise with the future of Punjab and the welfare agenda of the state. Sidhu has also written in his resignation that he will continue to work for the Congress. The language of Sidhu’s resignation letter suggests that he is dissatisfied somewhere. Incidentally, Sidhu resigned on the same day Captain Amarinder Singh is on his first visit to Delhi after being stripped of the CM post. After all, everything was happening according to Sidhu’s mind, so what kind of compromise is Sidhu talking about which he does not want to do?

On the insistence of Navjot Singh Sidhu, veterans like Captain Amarinder Singh were discharged from the post of Chief Minister in one stroke. Charanjit Singh Channi of his camp became the Chief Minister. Favorites got ministerial posts. The pictures of the new Chief Minister holding hands like a guardian also became popular. In the midst of all this, Sidhu’s resignation is not only unexpected, but also a setback for the Congress ahead of next year’s Punjab Assembly elections.

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Sidhu’s resignation from the post of Punjab Congress President when everything was going well is astonishing. This is giving strength to many speculations. Only Sidhu will be able to tell the real reason, but there are discussions that he had differences with Chief Minister Channi over some important appointments.

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It is not hidden from anyone that becoming the Chief Minister is Sidhu’s ambition. He laid such a board that a veteran like Captain Amarinder Singh was discharged from the post of CM. Then Sidhu was seeing his destination very close, but the Captain opened an open front and threw water on Sidhu’s plans to become the CM. However, Charanjit Singh Channi, a Sikh Dalit from the Sidhu camp, got the chief minister’s chair. Sidhu could not become CM but wanted the new CM to follow his instructions. Perhaps Channi has decided that he will not become the rubber stamp CM, due to which his differences with Sidhu have increased.

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Despite the removal of the captain, Sidhu’s eyes were on projecting himself as CM in the elections after he missed the post of CM. Congress’s Punjab in-charge Harish Rawat also announced that the party will contest the 2022 assembly elections under Sidhu’s leadership. This clearly meant that if the Congress wins the election, he will become the Chief Minister. But this statement of Rawat created a ruckus. In the race for the post of CM, Sunil Jakhar reacted sharply to the announcement of making Sidhu the face in the elections. The Dalit card that the Congress played before the election by making Channi the CM, there was a fear of spoiling the whole game. Seeing the growing ruckus, Rawat as well as the party high command had to make it clear that both Sidhu and CM Channi would be the face of the Congress in the election. Perhaps Sidhu has been teased about this too.

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