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Mumbai Crime News: In an attempt to burn the girlfriend alive she also burnt herself, both died



  • Denied marriage, then agreed to die
  • A badly burnt lover also died due to the fire
  • 90 percent of the victims burnt life in hospital

The love affair going on for almost two years will have such a shocking result, no one would have imagined it. The incident is of Meghwadi Police Station. 30-year-old Vijay Khambay fell in love with a 28-year-old girl, Radhika (name changed). Radhika is Vijay’s sister-in-law’s younger sister. So he had to go to Radhika’s house. But when it came to marriage, Radhika’s family disliked Vijay. He said that he was an addict.

He also died due to his girlfriend’s lesson

Angered by the mistreatment received by Radhika’s family, Vijay decides to take revenge and goes to meet Radhika on Sunday. Vijay once again talked to Radhika, whom Radhika rejected, citing family. This angered Vijay and he poured a petrol bottle on Radhika. Before Radhika could understand anything, Vijay burnt the lighter. Radhika started burning with smoke. After this, Vijay tried to save Radhika, who was suffering badly in the flames. During this time he also got badly burnt.

Girl breaks down after 20 hours

According to the police, Radhika, groaning with intense pain, hugged Vijay to escape the fire. Due to this, Vijay also got badly burnt. Hearing the commotion, the locals admitted both to the Jogeshwari Trauma Center, where Vijay died, while 90 per cent of the burnt Radhika was referred by the doctors to JJ Hospital in Byculla.

After struggling for more than 20 hours between life and death, Radhika finally succumbed on Monday afternoon. Radhika’s family was informed by the police that Vijay was an addict. He used to get drugged. So they were not wanting to get Radhika married with him. Confirming Radhika’s death, Meghwadi police senior PI Sanjeev Pimple filed a murder case against Vijay and asked to investigate the incident.

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