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Madhuri Dixit’s son Arin cooked food for the first time, Papa Nene said – the boy did wonders

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Arin, the eldest son of Madhuri Dixit and Dr Shriram Nene, has become a chef! He cooked food for the parents for the first time. Dr. Nene then showed a glimpse of the food and said that he liked it.

In the video shared by Dr. Nene, he is seen tasting food prepared by Arin while Madhuri is seen laughing. To this Dr. Nene captioned, ‘After a long time Arin made something for the first time and I tasted it. The boy did wonders.

Doctor Nene makes something for Madhuri
Let me tell you, Shriram Nene loves cooking and is often seen making something or the other in the kitchen for Madhuri. Talking about her husband’s cooking skills, the actress said in a conversation with Bombay Times, ‘When I was growing up, I learned a little cooking. I could have made things like omelet, poha but I didn’t get a chance. I started working very early and got busy.

Madhuri learned cooking after marriage
According to Madhuri, ‘I learned most of the cooking after marriage. Ram had a French cook in the US and he used to assist him. In this way Ram learned many recipes. It is true that Ram cooks better than me. However, I am not bad either.

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