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Lucknow News: Rs 54 lakh of bribe was deposited in the account by mistake, XEN and Babu sacked after being caught


Acting on the engineers accused of corruption, the Chairman of Power Corporation has sacked Executive Engineer Sanjay Sharma and Clerk Mahesh Kumar. And one engineer has been demoted. Power Corporation Chairman M Devraj has issued orders for the dismissal and demotion of these employees.

During his posting in Noida, Executive Engineer Sanjay Sharma took a bribe of Rs 54 lakh in October, 2019. The clerk posted in his office deposited the bribe amount in the account of Power Corporation. Later, when it was time to distribute this bribe amount, it was found that the bribe amount has been wrongly deposited in the account of Power Corporation, while the same amount was not being received even through the bill.

Many lies told yet the job could not be saved

first lie
When the matter opened, it was told that the amount was deposited by the consumers in advance. When this matter came to light, Power Corporation started investigation into the matter. To hide the lie of his bribe, the Executive Engineer told many lies. At first he told that this amount was deposited by the consumers in the form of advance. But if the number of consumers was told, even if the same number of consumers had deposited the advance, then this amount could not have been deposited. No receipt was also deducted for this advance amount.

second lie
To hide the lie of his bribe, accused Sanjay Sharma also gave a false affidavit. In which 30 were the names of the consumers. Later investigation found that all these affidavits were made from the same place. The amount which was talked about to be deposited in advance in the affidavit, the total amount was getting only Rs 31.50 lakh. The role of clerk Mahesh Kumar in this case was also found to be against the rules. So he too was dismissed.

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