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Just see the list of the world’s prettiest baby names, you can choose any one name for a son or daughter

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Children bring the light of love and hope in our lives. On the other hand, if the couple gets the happiness of a child after many efforts, then this light becomes even more important. If you also find your child the light of hope, love and happiness, then you can give him a name that means light.

Here we are telling you some such names of boys and girls, whose meaning is light.

list of hindu boy names

  • Alok : The name Alok is very popular in India. The meaning of name Alok is light of divinity and a divine light. It is a Sanskrit name in origin.
  • Anwar: This is a popular Arabic name. In most Muslim religions, boys are named Anwar. Anwar name meanings is Light, Light and Hope.
  • Lamp : It is one of the best Sanskrit names. The meaning of name Chirag is “light, light, radiance and lamp”. The name Chirag is very much liked in India.

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what to name son

  • Mandeep: It is a popular Punjabi name. The meaning of name Mandeep is “light of the mind”. This name can be used for both girls and boys.
  • Navtej: This Hindu name for boys means new light. This is a traditional name. Punjabi people keep the name Navtej more.
  • Seraj : It is an Arabic name and means light to guide. This name is commonly used in Middle Eastern countries as well as in Bangladesh. If your son’s name is derived from the letter ‘S’, then you can name him as Seraj.
  • Manar: Manar is an Arabic name and it means ray of light. You can name your son as Manar.

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what to name your daughter

  • Alina: You can call it a foreign name but in India too this name is very much liked. Alina means bright, shining, bright and light.
  • Nahra: It is an Arabic name meaning light and illumination. Nahra is a unique name and you can give this name to your daughter.
  • Noor : This name starting with the letter ‘N’ is also from the Arabic language. The meaning of name Noor is “light and light”. The name first appeared in the US Top 1000 list in 2015. Most of the Muslim people name their daughter Noor.

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girls name list

  • twinkle : The name means the radiance of an unsteady light. You can name your daughter Twinkle. The name of the wife of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is also Twinkle.
  • Lamp : This is a very cute name. If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘D’, you can name her Diya. Diya name meanings is Lamp, Divine, Day and Light.
  • Diti: It is a unique name meaning radiance, light, beauty. Rishi Kashyap’s daughter’s name was also Diti.
  • Myra: Meaning: Bright and light, Wonderful, Calm song, Honey, Butterfly, Divine, Precious and admirable.

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