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Home Crime Husband used to drink alcohol and strangled him to death

Husband used to drink alcohol and strangled him to death

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  • She took the unconscious husband to Safdarjung Hospital
  • If the case seems suspicious, the hospital called the police
  • Confession murdered after questioning the wife of the deceased

Special Correspondent, New Delhi
Angry wife is accused of beating her husband with strangulation and killing him by drinking alcohol. She took her unconscious husband to Safdarjung Hospital. The doctors there declared her husband dead. If the case looked suspicious, a police call was made from the hospital. On postmortem of the body, it was found out that it could be a case of murder. She broke down after questioning the wife of the deceased. It was found out that he had murdered her husband. The wife has been arrested on charges.

The case is related to Fatehpur Beri police station area of ​​South Delhi. In the same police station a few days ago, another woman strangled her husband to death. In the latest case, DCP Atul Thakur said that the name of the deceased is Sikander Sahni. 38-year-old Alexander lived in Aya Nagar village with wife and children. The wife arrested on the charge of his murder is Sarita (35).

Police said that police received a call from Safdarjung Hospital in the case at 7:56 am on Sunday. Sarita brought husband Alexander to the hospital where doctors declared him dead. But the marks on Alexander’s throat were visible. Seeing the case as suspicious, a call was made to the police. Then the postmortem of the body was done and it was found that the death was due to strangulation.

When the police questioned the wife as a suspect, the whole secret was revealed. The accused woman said that her husband did not do any work. He used to drink alcohol and beat him. He also had illness. He used to abuse and beat her in front of the children. Angry, she strangled her husband in the night with a sari.

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