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How will everyone get the vaccine by December, BJP chief explained the complete maths

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New Delhi
By December, the government has set a target of providing corona vaccine to the entire adult population of the country. It is another matter that questions were raised on this ambitious target of the government amid the shortage of vaccines in many states. Now BJP President JP Nadda has explained its complete math. He has said that 200 crore doses of vaccine will be available in the country by December. Right now 1 crore vaccines are being produced every month. Production will increase by 6-7 per cent every month till July-August. It is expected that by September 10 crore vaccines will be ready every month.

BJP National President Nadda told that earlier 2 companies were manufacturing the vaccine. Now 13 companies are making them. By December, 19 companies will start making vaccines.

The government has already said that before the new year comes, the entire adult population of the country has to be protected against the corona virus. For this, the average daily speed of corona vaccination will have to be increased by about five times. The vaccination campaign against the Covid-19epidemic was started in the country on 16 January, which is continuing.

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Emphasis will have to be put on these states
If we take stock of the situation from state to state, then in UP, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand and Assam, there is a need to increase the pace much more than the national demand. Statistics show that if the vaccination campaign in the country is to reach the milestone by December, then the average daily vaccination in UP will have to be increased nine times, Bihar eight times, while Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand and Assam will have to speed up seven times.

challenge to achieve
Our partner newspaper The Times of India (ToI) has estimated the population office’s estimated state-wise adult population by 2021. This showed that by the end of the year which state would have to administer the vaccine so that its entire adult population would be covered. Then the target achieved so far and the daily average in the 143 days of the vaccination campaign were analyzed. If the country knows what has been achieved so far, it should also know how much is left. If we add from June 8, then there are 207 days left for the end of this year. This gives us the state-wise average daily rate of speed for full immunization of the adult population.

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What’s up now?
If we look at the figures of Uttar Pradesh, less than 12% of the adult population has received the first dose of the vaccine, while only 2.5% of the adult population has taken the second dose. There the vaccination campaign is progressing at an average speed of 1.4 lakh doses every day. In such a situation, to achieve the target of vaccinating the entire adult population in UP by December, the vaccination campaign will have to be increased at an average daily rate of 13.2 lakh doses in the remaining days, which is 9 times the daily target achieved so far. is too much. Similarly, Bihar has given the first dose of vaccine to 12.6% of its adult population while only 2.5% of the population has received the second dose. Looking at the adult population there, there is a need to increase the daily speed of vaccination campaign by 8.4 times to achieve the remaining target in the remaining time.

JP Nadda

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