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Gold smuggling: Gold smugglers become gold smugglers if jobs are lost in Arab countries

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There has been a big jump in the incidents of gold smuggling during the Corona period. In the last 15 months, more than 75 cases of smuggling have been reported at Lucknow airport. On Monday also, the Custom Department team has recovered 2.33 kg of smuggled gold at Amausi Airport. This gold worth about Rs 1.17 crore was being brought from Riyadh by smugglers.

Niharika Lamba, Deputy Commissioner of Customs, said that four gold biscuits wrapped in black cello tape and carbon paper were recovered from the passengers who disembarked from the Riyadh flight. Apart from this, a biscuit was kept hidden in the electrical appliance.

low tax in saudi
In fact, behind this game of gold smuggling is the economic situation created due to Corona. In many other countries (Saudi Arabia etc.) the tax on gold is much lower than in India. When people lost their jobs working here, they had to return to the country. How will the expenses go in the absence of a job? For this they brought gold with them. Many of them were also caught at the airport. Old smugglers have also taken advantage of the helplessness of such people and made them a career.

5 lakhs saved on 1 kg
According to a big bullion trader, if gold is brought into the country through smuggling, then it saves about Rs 5 lakh per kg. Suppose at present the price of gold is 50 thousand rupees. Accordingly, one kg of gold was worth Rs 50 lakh.

In this way there is benefit in gold smuggling
Adding 7.5 percent custom duty and 2.5 percent Agriculture Infrastructure and Development Cess on this, the amount comes to Rs 5 lakh. Adding 3% GST, the total tax reaches Rs 6.50 lakh. In this, if the cost of bringing gold is reduced by Rs 1.5 lakh, then roughly Rs 5 lakh was saved. Smuggling is more in Gulf countries because gold is custom free there.

The modus of operandi of smugglers has changed a lot. They are adopting new methods. Our team has put a halt to their plans with solid information and better coordination. Even in the Kovid period, our team continued the investigations with caution.

Niharika Lamba, Deputy Commissioner, Airport (Customs)

From September till now Rs. Caught gold worth more than 7 crores
From September to June, the customs department has caught gold worth more than Rs 7 crore at Lucknow airport alone. Most of the gold seized at Lucknow airport has been seized from passengers coming from Dubai or Gulf countries. Apart from this, gold worth crores of rupees was also caught at Varanasi airport in the last one year, which was being brought from Dubai, Gulf countries and Bangkok.

Smuggling to evade tax. If custom duty is reduced. Even if GST is taken, smuggling will be reduced.

Umesh Patil, India Bullion Jewelers Association

Big thefts caught at Lucknow airport
7 September: 228.700 grams of gold was caught, the price was Rs. 12,23,545
16 September: Caught 3 kg 849 grams of gold, the price is Rs. 2,09,77,704
26 September: 198.50 grams of gold caught, price Rs. 10,44,110
18 December: Caught 684 grams of gold, price Rs. 27 lakhs
19 December: 597 grams of gold, 590.420 grams of silver were caught, the price was Rs. 31,85062
12 January: 200.20 grams of gold caught, price Rs. 10,41,040
February 8: Caught 581.700 grams of gold, price Rs. 29,02,683
11 February: 1038.80 grams of gold caught, price Rs. 52,56,328
March 2: Caught 698.60 grams of gold, price Rs. 33,32,322

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