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Gangwar In Chitrakoot Jail: While firing in Chitrakoot Jail, there was no responsible officer



  • The FIR was revealed, the jail manual was violated
  • The superintendent and the jailor were at their residence during the gang war in Chitrakoot Jail
  • Two deputies jailed in jail were on leave due to corona being infected

During this time Anshu Dixit in Chitrakoot Jail murdered Merajuddin alias Meraj, close to the infamous Mukim Kala and mafia Mukhtar Ansari, the jail superintendent and jailor were not in the jail at that time. This has been revealed by the FIR lodged by the jail superintendent in the case of double murder in jail. It is now being ascertained whether it was under some conspiracy or just a coincidence. However, according to the jail manual, it is necessary for any one officer to be present in prison.

According to the FIR, the high security barrack was opened by jailor Mahendra Pal at 5:31 am, so that the detainees could do their daily work. Subsequently, the jail superintendent arrived at the jail at 7:02 am and the jailer left his government residence at 7:55 am to bathe and snack. The jailer did not return. After this, Jail Superintendent SP Tripathi also went to the house at 9:30 to wash bath and have breakfast.

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There were not even two deputies jailer posted in jail

According to the FIR, at around 9:55 am, the jail superintendent came to know that a prisoner of the High Security Barrack was firing continuously from a pistol. After this, the jail superintendent and the jailer arrived at the jail at 10:06 pm from their government residence. Alarm was played on behalf of the Jail Superintendent at 10:20 and the DM and SP were informed. When this incident happened, two deputies jailer posted in jail were also not in jail at that time. It is being told that both of them were on leave due to being corona positive.

Both were killed within 11 minutes
According to the FIR, Anshu Dixit, within 11 minutes, first roasted Mukim Kala and then Meraj with bullets. According to the postmortem report, Anshu shot Mukim Kala with five 9mm tablets on his head, chest and vital organ. Since Anshu was a sharp shooter, he knew where there would be no escape after firing bullets. In the same way, he had hit two bullets of Nine MM to Meraj.

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Police team arrived in jail at 10:35 pm

At the same time, according to Virendra Tripathi, SHO of Karvi, when he got the information about firing in jail, he was present in Karvi. At around 10.35, he entered inside the jail. Till that time, Anshu was held captive after killing both of them.

Encounter of police over one and a half
According to the FIR lodged by the police, the encounter between the police and Anshu lasted for about an hour and 35 minutes. During this, 26 rounds were fired from the AK-47, INSAS and Pistol from the police team. In response, firing was also done on behalf of Anshu. According to the police, Anshu fell from a bullet wound between 12 and 12:10. When the police team went near him in the barrack, there was no movement in his body. According to the PM report, Anshu was hit by four police bullets. Out of which two were INSAS and two AK-47’s.

Gangwar in Chitrakoot jail: Gangwar inside Chitrakoot jail, killing two gangsters including Mukhtar’s close, third killed in police action
Anshu’s pistol was made in turkey

Police has recovered the pistol from Anshu. It is written in Made in Turkey. However, in the spelling of turkey, TA is written instead of TU. Due to which the police are anticipating that it is a country-made pistol but its quality is quite good. It looks exactly like the Police Nine MM’s Glock pistol. However, it is also being told that it is the third pistol of PS-3 with which 17 rounds can be fired.

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