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Gangrape in Lucknow: 8 people gang-raped a mentally ill girl on the pretext of leaving her house in Lucknow, tortured her till she fainted

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  • In Lucknow, the capital of UP, a case of cruelty has come to the fore with a mentally ill girl.
  • On the pretext of leaving the house, the auto driver took him to a house in BG Colony of Alambagh, then gang-raped
  • On protesting the victim, the accused also beat her up, police in action, 5 accused arrested

In Lucknow, the capital of UP, a case of cruelty has come to the fore with a mentally ill girl. The auto driver took the victim to a house in Alambagh’s BG colony on the pretext of leaving her home and gang-raped her overnight along with 7 other accomplices. When the victim protested, the accused also beat her up.

A woman was also present in the house. On regaining consciousness, the victim somehow reached the Alambagh police station and narrated the incident. The police have arrested four accused in this case. Five accused including the woman are absconding. Police is looking for them.

The girl had left the house on 23 September
Retired head clerk from railways lives in Krishnanagar area. His daughter is mentally ill. His daughter had left the house on the evening of 23 September. She did not return home till late at night. His family members searched for him a lot. Nothing was known of him. The victim’s father had also given the complaint of the daughter’s disappearance to the police at night.

The police had said to register a report and investigate. On September 24, the Alambagh police called to the victim’s father. When the victim’s father and family reached the police station, they were shocked to see the condition of the daughter. There were many injury marks on the girl’s body. She was in a mad state. The clothes were torn and disheveled. Seeing the family members, the girl was shocked. She was unable to speak properly. The father somehow took care of the daughter.

The auto driver first gave juice, then took it along
The victim told the family members that she had lost her way. He found an auto rickshaw driver. He made her sit in the auto, telling him to leave the house. The auto driver made the victim drink juice. After this, he took the girl to the railway colony located in Alambagh. Apart from a woman, seven other people were present there.

Hands and feet were tied with a scarf
The victim told her father crying that the accused caught her in the house located in Railway Colony. Eight people started doing obscene acts with him. The victim tried to make noise. The accused stifled his mouth. His hands and feet were tied with a scarf. After this, the eight accused tore the clothes of the victim and raped her alternately throughout the night.

Victim had fainted due to pain
The victim told that eight people raped her several times. She had fainted because of the pain. The victim regained consciousness on the morning of 24 September. He saw that the eight accused were not in the house. The woman present with the accused was busy in some work. Seeing the opportunity, the victim came out of the house. She somehow reached Alambagh police station on foot.

Some accused in police custody
According to the police, the victim had heard the accused taking names of each other. On that basis, he told the police that the auto driver had taken Shivanandan in the auto after being implicated in things. According to ACP Alambagh Vikram Singh, in view of the seriousness of the case, the investigation was started by registering a report in other serious sections including gang rape, conspiracy.

During the investigation, the accused Shivanandan, Sone Lal, Ashok Kumar and Girijesh Kumar, residents of BG Colony, were arrested late on Sunday night by the police. Inspector Alambagh Vishwakarma said that five people, including the woman, are absconding. Police is looking for them.

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