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Children should not get lost in the crowd, parents should prepare for the safety of children in this way

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Children love to travel, but sometimes this thing becomes risky too. There is also a fear of children getting lost in the crowd while roaming. When we go to the market with children, the children always insist on seeing something and take it. The parents lose their sight and the child turns away from their sight. Sometimes children are not lost but stolen.

Losing a child is no less than breaking a mountain, but if you are a little careful and cautious, you can avoid losing a child. Here we are giving you some such tips with the help of which you can keep children safe even in crowded places.

make a plan

Before leaving the house, teach the child that he has to hold your hand and not walk away from you. Apart from this, tell the child about the place you are going. Tell him where you are going and how far from home is that place.

Also explain where to meet him if he gets lost or gets separated by mistake. The meeting point should be simple.

what to do when lost

Every child should be trained what to do if he gets lost. For example, explain to him that if he gets separated from his parents, he has to seek help from the police or security guard or a woman with a child. Ask the child to go to an elder and tell him about his problem.

Refuse to go with a stranger, rather ask him to call his parents when they ask for help and not go with them.

Keep baby photo with you

Whenever you go out of the house with the child, keep his photo in your purse. If your child gets lost, you can ask people around by showing his/her photo at the same time.

gps tracker

Today technology has reached beyond your imagination. Buy a GPS tracking device that you can clip to your child’s clothing. In this, you can track the movement of the child using your smartphone.

give mobile phone

It is not that children get spoiled by taking a mobile phone, but it also takes care of their safety. Keep a little older child with a mobile so that he can call you immediately if he gets lost. If the child can understand the phone, then tell him how to use it to reach home if lost.

wear bright clothes

Wear bright colored clothes for going to the market or crowded places as they are easily visible in the crowd. Along with this, on entering the market, keep asking the child about the things around so that he remembers which way he came.

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